About Jeffrey Lott

A mirror image in Siem Reap, Cambodia, February 2014.

Jeff is a writer and editor. He edited the Swarthmore College Bulletin for 21 years, producing 85 issues of the magazine. In 2012, he began work on a sesquicentennial book for Swarthmore. Swarthmore College: A Community of Purpose was published in January 2014. He retired after 23 years at Swarthmore in December 2013.

He wears other hats too—youth baseball umpire, church leader, activist, grandfather, and regular traveler to Asia, most recently in February 2014. His travel blogs are collected on the page Travel Blogs and Links.

Since retiring from Swarthmore, Jeff has studied and practiced social activism through the lens of the Unitarian Universalist movement. He is active in Delaware’s Movement for a Culture of Peace and recently became communications director for the Delaware Coalition Against Gun Violence.

Jeff is available for selected freelance writing and editing projects. Reach him at jeff@jeffreylott.com.